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Organization Background

PBSP was founded in December 1970 by 50 Filipino business leaders who pledged to set aside 1% of their companies’ net income before taxes to pursue poverty reduction programs. Based on the Venezuelan Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad model of corporate social action, PBSP was a means by which the Philippine business community could rationalize and coordinate its funding and technical support to socio-economic projects and programs across the country.

Organization Mission

Vision: To lead the business sectors' efforts to reduce poverty in the Philippines.

Mission: PBSP is committed to poverty reduction by promoting business sector leadership in, and commitment to, programs that lead to self-reliance.

Organization Summary

PBSP is the leading social development organization in the Philippines with programs focusing on Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood & Enterprise Development. It also leads the promotion of Inclusive Business in the Philippines.

How we are making a difference:

  • Development on a National Scale. We work with Philippine Development Plan (PDP) goals nationwide in the key areas of Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood & Enterprise Development.
  • Collective Impact for Real Development. To fully develop communities, we approach the different sectors in Health, Education, Environment, and Livelihood & Enterprise Development from all angles to bring about systemic change on the ground. For example, under Education, a child needs more than just a classroom to receive quality education – we need to bring other stakeholders to provide a holistic solution by making sure the schools have adequate learning facilities and materials, teachers have undergone regular training and the parent-teacher’s associations (PTAs) are also engaged. PBSP convenes these stakeholders to shape policy and processes that drive the execution and measure impact and outcomes. We regularly work with the business community, different national and local government agencies, community associations, the academe and other NGOs. Together, we make a real difference in the lives of these communities.
  • Inclusive Business for Inclusive Growth.  We work with businesses in integrating development goals and objectives in their core business and operations strategies. With businesses and communities working together, inclusive growth can take root and hopefully bring sustainable income opportunities for the communities. We believe it’s important to uplift those at the Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP).
  • Real Impact with CSR and Corporate Philanthropy. With our systems and Collective Impact strategy, we link traditionally isolated CSR activities to programs of impact. We ensure CSR activities contribute to broader programs ensuring real development happens in the lives of the people.
  • Consulting and Shared Services. With our track record of expertise, experience and integrity in managing grants, programs and projects, we offer different strategic and operational services (including professional advisory services, strategy formulation, capacity development and execution management) to corporate foundations, development agencies, and other NGOs. With these services, we aim to help partners in improving their operational efficiencies and systems to ensure we are all working towards real progress in the communities where we work.
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